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Hi, I'm Rachel, founder of Compound Creative Workshops

I set up Compound to offer inclusive workshops for children and young people.

Under the umbrella of the performing arts, we incorporate drama, storytelling and all things creative. Catered to not only develop acting and performance technique, but most importantly help grow in confidence, improve social skills, build friendships and ultimately have fun!

No matter what level or experience, Compound is about allowing everyone to grow and develop at their own pace. Every child is unique, and we encourage individuality and complete YOU-NESS.

Our joint knowledge comes from years of experience as actors, teachers and entertainers. Training professionally at East 15 Acting School, and over the past 10 years teaching in schools across London and Essex. As well as entertaining thousands of children at parties and events. We adore working with children and are constantly inspired by them.

At Compound we offer something for every individual, whether it’s those who wish to develop as a performer and craft a better acting technique, or simply those who need more encouragement to express creatively, engage in a group and most importantly grow in confidence.

We look forward to meeting you and being part of your child’s journey.

Compound Team


Hi, I'm Charlie!


Hi, I'm Jazz!

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