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Acting & Creative Classes


Themed workshops, including Superheroes, Disney Mania, Around The World, Circus Adventure and many more.

A mixture of drama games, character building and storytelling fun, as well as movement and mindfulness based exercises.

Regular props and costume fun, as well as designing and creating our own. We love to play dress up!

A great way to boost self confidence, create and act out stories as a team and learn new skills.

Mini in-house performances at the end of class, as well as an end of year show to an invited audience.

No matter what level or experience, all children are welcome and thrive in a super supportive environment.


Workshops aimed at enhancing creative skills, with loosely based themes and subjects to work from.

A mixture of drama games, improvisation, developing scripts and characters, as well as crafting stage and screen technique.

Movement and mindfulness based exercises, creative writing, and opportunities to lead games and direct scenes.

Promoting self confidence and social awareness, and the ability to work as a team as well as independently.

Opportunities to perform in every class, one-off screenings, as well as an end of year show to an invited audience.

For complete beginners or those who already have a passion for acting and all things creative. All are welcome!

Drama Games

Improvisation, ensemble building, focus and listening exercises, tailored to suit each age group, and all in the name of fun!

Storytelling & Role-play

Imaginative play, creating stories and building characters, with costumes, props and creative devices to bring them to life.

Acting (Stage & Screen)

Learning the differences between stage and screen craft, vocal warm ups, characterisation and developing acting technique. 

Mindfulness Exercises

Wellbeing and positive mental health, with exercises tailored to allow calm and focus, a great way to check in with yourself and see how you're feeling.

Script Work & Creative Writing

Working from play texts, new writing and creating our own scripts and stories, with aims to develop sight reading and get creative juices flowing.

Movement Exercises

Rhythm and co-ordination games, physical warm ups, and character led movement exercises.





Social Skills

Self Expression





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